Opogo Compliance Guide

What is the Opogo Compliance Guide?

The Opogo Compliance Guide provides you with information and documents required to work with Opogo schools. These documents will be shared with the schools each time you are booked to work.

What documents do I need to supply?

We are accredited by the ‘Recruitment & Employment Confederation’ (REC) and work in accordance to their compliance processes. Your job role and work situation will ultimately determine what compliance documents you are required to supply. Please ensure all documents uploaded have all four corners visible.

A detailed overview on each compliance document can be accessed from the drop down below.

How do I upload my documents?

Once you have created an Opogo account, sign in to the app, and on the ‘Home’ page you will see the ‘Opogo Pass’. There is a large button prompting you to upload your documents, when selected this will navigate you to the list of compliance documents that you are required to upload.