Opogo Compliance Guide

Reference checks

Why do I need to supply Reference checks?

References are the best way for schools to get insight into your work ethic, expertise and personality. They play a vital role in your vetting end ensure you are a suitable candidate to work in a school environment. 

What documents can I submit?

• We require at least two references that cover a minimum of two years.
• You can supply as many references as required, on the condition that it covers AT LEAST the last 2 years
• References must be received from a professional business email address, and reflect your experience as indicated on your CV.
• If you have gaps in employment, (or haven’t started your working career yet) this must be indicated on your CV. In this case we can request a character reference which can be supplied by a friend, ex-colleague or a person in your community.

Family members or spouses cannot provide you with a reference.

Why were my documents rejected?

• If your references do not cover at least the past two years, you will be required to submit additional references.
• If a reference is received from a personal email address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) you must supply proof that the company uses that email address professionally.
• Character references CANNOT be supplied by family members or spouses.