Opogo Compliance Guide

Overseas Police check

Why do I need to supply an Overseas Police check?

If you have lived abroad for more than 6 months in the last 5 years, then we require an Overseas Police Check that has been professionally translated into English.

What documents can I submit?

You need to apply for your Overseas Police check certificate directly from the country you resided in.

Each country has it’s own application process for obtaining a certificate which is detailed on the gov.uk website.

Use the link below to start your certificate application;

If you are unable to provide an Overseas Police check certificate for any reason please let us know.

Why were my documents rejected?

• If the submitted certificate is not professionally translated into English this will be rejected
• Blurry photo (Not clear and readable)
• On official letterhead with stamp (stamp to be in English) is required
• Issued within 3 months prior to date of receipt of application (older checks will not be processed)