Opogo Pass Guide

Opogo Pass Photo

Why do I need to supply an Opogo Pass Photo?

Each time you are booked on a supply job we send the School your Opogo Pass. This is a legal requirement that ensures you are compliant and approved to work in a school environment. The Opogo Pass Photo is a key piece of compliance the school require, as it allows them to visually check the person turning up to school is really you!

What documents can I submit?

A clear headshot photo taken on a white background (shoulders in and front facing) with a smile. Please note, filtered photos CAN NOT be used.

This is a professional photo of yourself, similar to a passport photo.  

Approved photo examples

Rejected photo examples

Why was my photo rejected?

• Photos must be clear (not blurry)
• Photos can not crop the top of your head
• No filtered photos can be used
• Your face CAN NOT be obstructed, i.e. you can not wear a hat
• Photos must be professional (think passport photo)
• Dress code: please dress appropriately as if you were in a school based setting
• Photos not displaying a white background will be rejected